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Here are some links to some forums and suppliers I frequent.
I am known as Cooks 7 on most forums which dates back from my Rx7 days.

Roger Ferris @ Showcar Specialist Great guy and great painter, Roger can do it all! Good tech and engine/trans related discussion British V8 conversions with discussion and pictures
Ballistic Fabrication Mostly geared toward off road applications but they have good prices on tube ends and various other bits, excellent customer service too, had a small problem with a shipment that was fixed quickly and with no fuss
SpeedwayMotors Good source for some harder to find products, circle track parts, suspension, etc.
SummitRacing I am sure everyone knows this one, I prefer them to Jegs for their better organization and search methods
BP Northwest A good source for some hard to find British parts, I am using their polyurethane a-arm and steering rack bushings
Victoria British A very useful source for parts and accesories, they are my go to source for replacement parts for the GT6, also some performance parts like my Addco swaybar. Mostly an import place but the best price I could find for my Bosch fuel pump and accessories.
Burns A source for tubing, fittings, etc. I used thier aluminum for radiator hoses and some silicone from them as well, price Stainlessworks first for stainless though, Burns seems to be alot higher sometimes. Good prices on silicone parts, adapters, etc. My intake setup was sources intirely from them, I wish I would have gotten my T-bolt clamps for my radiator hoses from them, they were about half the cost of Summit!
Andre's Gt6 This is a link to a Canadian owned wedgewood blue Gt6. A beautiful car, lots of pics and projects I am sure everyone is familiar with Cardomain, same info as my website but feel free to visit and leave a comment
St. Louis Triumph Owners Association Just joined up! Everyone has been very receptive to the car, I never know what the purists will think, lots of meetings and events to check out.

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